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Fareham Tyre and Autocare are a Mintex Brake Centre, and offer a full inspection service and advice on your braking requirements.

We stock or can source quickly a full range of brake discs, pads, shoes, cylinders, fitting kits and cables supplied and fitted by our technicians all manufactured to original equipment quality. The quality brands available include: Mintex, Mintex C-Tech Performance, Apec and Blueprint. This range covers the majority of UK vehicles and the ever increasing amount of Grey import models from Japan and Korea.


Mintex is one of the world leaders in both range and quality when it comes to brake pad friction.

Boasting a range of approximately 1100 brake pad references covering all European, Japanese and now American applications this flexibility is one of the main strengths of the Mintex brand.

The comprehensive range of Brake Discs on offer cover all European and Japanese applications and is part of our on-going commitment towards brake related products and range development which keeps Mintex ahead of the competition.

The Mintex brand is the most famous when it comes to motorsport. Through intense Research and Development Mintex materials cater not only for Original Equipment and Aftermarket needs but at the other extreme for competition purposes. It is from motorsport that the latest family of Mintex materials have been developed. Known as C-Tech, these materials cover a whole spectrum of vehicles from a typical small hot hatchback for normal day to day use, through to a fully race prepared 700 bhp racing machine.
Dimples and grooves in all the right places. The all-new C-Tech range of brake discs is formulated for fast, safe braking - with looks that'll really get you noticed.

The unique pattern of part-grooves and dimples on C-Tech discs allow fast heat dispersion without the risk of thermal cracking - this together with their vibrant blue colour means both the discs and your car will be ice cool!
  • UNIQUE part-grooved and dimpled pattern
  • ALL the benefits of drilled holes and full grooves without the risk of thermal cracking
  • EXCELLENT heat and debris dispersal
  • NEW blue alloy finish


Apec was founded in 1965 specialising in car and light commercial braking components. It was taken over by the present management in 1981, establishing a formal relationship with Remsa, a European specialist aftermarket manufacturer, and today is regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of the world friction industry. This relationship still remains. The company traded as Automotive Power Equipment Company until 1998 then changed its name to Apec Braking. ISO 9000 approved since 1992, the company successfully completed an update to ISO 9000-2000 in November 2002 . Apec received the ADF Supplier of the Year Award (The Aftermarket Distribution Federation) on two occasions in 1998 and 2001.


New European standards for brake pads known as ECE Regulation 90 ensure high saftey standards, approved Apec pads are marked with an E and are now on over 120 parts and increasing. The Apec standard matches those of the original vehicle assemblers; each individual component is branded and part numbered for product identification and total traceability, and only environmentally friendly heavy metal-free materials are used. All pads are scorch processed, enabling an immediate bedding-in process, fade-free performance, dust reduction and improved user comfort and noise suppression.

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