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Get more discount for all the goods and service work that we provide including tyres, exhausts, brakes, steering, suspension and vehicle servicing.

Why not join our new customer loyalty scheme and get extra discount. Call in or telephone for more details

We at Fareham Tyres will be delighted if you choose to use our services and hope to see you soon. We would like you to recommend us to your family and friends and in order to show our appreciation for this we've devised a customer loyalty discount scheme to enable you to enjoy even lower prices for all the goods and servicing that we provide.

How it works:

Firstly ask for and complete the tear off section of our application form and hand it in to one of our sales staff who will issue you with your Customer Loyalty Discount Card.

We will commence keeping a record of your expenditure starting with the job we are doing for you today

  • When your spending reaches £250.00 excluding VAT we will automatically discount your future purchases by 2.5%
  • Then when your total Expenditure reaches £500.00 excluding VAT all future purchases will be discounted by 5%
  • Finally when your total expenditure reaches £1000.00 excluding VAT all future purchases will be discounted by a full 10%

Remember: You can reach the highest level of discount more quickly by lending your card to your friends and family as their expenditure not only gives them your discount but adds to your overall spend and increases your accumulative discount!

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