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All Bosal products are manufactured to the tough German TUV standards, the same certification body which governs the production of medical supplies. Along with these high standards of production Bosal also employ the latest technologies like, lazer welding which improves gas tightness by 50% and Airgap - a heat sheild that also acts as a noise reducing system. Every pipe is fully aluminised for longevity and noise tested at the design stage, often coming significantly under the legal maximum noise limit. Together with high quality manufacturing and superior design, the Bosal product is the quality name in the market at affordable prices.


All Bosal exhaust parts are unique in that they are O.E. specification and use fully aluminised material both in and outside silencers, improving the quality of the product and guaranteeing excellent protection against corrosion. The Airgap system used in many of the parts adds even more protection by way of an insulated extra layer, creating a double exhaust pipe capable of withstanding the hot gasses produced by vehicle engines

The Bosal catalytic converter, provides optimum conversion of harmful gases into harmless emissions by passing gases through a monolith coated in precious metals. The Bosal range consists of the ECOLINE and Standard Cats with the ECOLINE designed to aftermarket specifications. Developments in cat technology now see over 70% of the Bosal Standard catalytic converters using a new concept to improve performance - Radial Flow technology. This patented system optimises back pressure and increases fuel economy to the already O.E. specification Bosal Standard cat. Just another reason not to suspect the catalytic converter of causing a failure in emissions test.

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